The Claymore Chronicle

Coming Wednesday, August 28th

~The Claymore Chronicle~•

•Look for a new edition the last Wednesday of every month.

•What’s The Claymore Chronicle? 

It’s simple, it’s us. Just a quick update into the lives of our family of 7 and all of the animals on our ranch in North Central South Dakota. And not simple because we call the Dakotas home. It’s as with most things in my life... it’s like a country song.  

Simple as best described by FGL,

We used to live on Instagram ~ Worry 'bout who all gives a damn  'Bout where we've been and where we ended up. Then I met you and you met me And all the rest is history an epiphany
That all we need is us”

***FGL= Florida Georgia Line

Simple as we are busy and our family is always on the go, so we want to share. We will keep y’all updated on all things current, as well as share our summer stories.  As well as update everyone on my recovery and all the exciting things we have planned for 1806 & Co. 

Promise! It’ll be worth the wait- it always is when it’s coming from me ; )

Steph & The Claymore Clan